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  • Toxic chemicals in salons, lack of education lead to adverse health effects December 14, 2017
    Clients who frequent hair and nail salons exhibit more skin and fungal diseases than those who visit less often and nail salon technicians are receiving inadequate training in the use of chemicals, suggest two recent studies.
  • Stem cells sense neighborhood density to make decisions on their behavior December 13, 2017
    Human skin is a remarkable organ serving as a barrier protecting us from pathogens, toxic substances and others. Our skin needs to constantly renew throughout our lifetime as well as change its size to perfectly fit and cover the body. To fulfill such a complex and dynamic behavior every cell within the skin has a […]
  • Finding long strands of RNA in skin development and disease December 6, 2017
    Researchers have discovered how unusually long pieces of RNA work in skin cells. The RNA pieces, called 'long non-coding RNAs' or 'lncRNAs,' help skin cells modulate connective tissue proteins, like collagen, and could represent novel therapeutic targets to promote skin repair.
  • A risk factor for drug-induced skin disease identified December 6, 2017
    Researchers have identified a type of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) that is associated with the skin disease bullous pemphigoid (BP) in diabetic patients administered with DPP-4 inhibitory drugs.
  • Blood test could help predict skin cancer's return December 6, 2017
    Testing skin cancer patients' blood for tumor DNA could help predict the chances of an aggressive cancer returning, scientists have discovered.