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  • Understanding steam burns May 14, 2018
    Even if the wound looks superficially harmless, steam burns must be cooled persistently. Researchers have now been able to show for the first time how hot steam achieves its vicious effect: it penetrates the upper skin layer and can cause severe burns in the lower skin layers -- initially almost invisible.
  • Forensics: New tool predicts eye, hair and skin color from a DNA sample of an unidentified individual May 14, 2018
    An international team has developed a novel tool to accurately predict eye, hair and skin color from human biological material -- even a small DNA sample -- left, for example, at a crime scene or obtained from archeological remains. This all-in-one pigmentation profile tool provides a physical description of the person in a way that […]
  • Oilseed crop's waste product yields compounds that protect skin from the sun May 8, 2018
    Meadowfoam, a native Pacific Northwest plant cultivated as an oilseed crop, has emerged as a potential new source of protection against the sun's harmful effects on the skin.
  • Insight into potential new strategy to target skin diseases like psoriasis May 4, 2018
    Research has shown that targeting metabolism in growing cells holds promise for the treatment of skin diseases like psoriasis that are characterized by skin overgrowth resulting from excess cell division, known as hyperproliferation.
  • How a light touch can spur severe itching May 3, 2018
    Scientists have found that itching caused by touch is directly related to the number of touch receptors embedded in the skin. The team found, in mice, that fewer receptors make it more likely touch will induce itching.