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  • Researchers track muscle stem cell dynamics in response to injury and aging December 14, 2017
    A new study describes the biology behind why muscle stem cells respond differently to aging or injury. The findings have important implications for the normal wear and tear of aging.
  • What keeps stem cells in their undifferentiated state? December 13, 2017
    A special cluster of proteins helps unwind DNA during cell division and plays a key role in keeping stem cells in their immature state, scientists have discovered. This study also points to a better understanding of how cancer cells manage to sustain rapid cell division without triggering cell death.
  • New insights could lead to lasting improvement of stem cell therapy in horses December 13, 2017
    Stem cells have been used therapeutically in horses for many years as a treatment option for tendon and joint injuries. These cells are commonly obtained surgically from bone marrow or fat tissue. Researchers have now for the first time managed to harvest stem cells from the mucous membrane of the equine uterus. By taking stem […]
  • A metallopeptide targets and disrupts mitochondrial function in breast cancer stem cells December 13, 2017
    Killing malignant mitochondria is one of the most promising approaches in the development of new anticancer drugs. Scientists have now synthesized a copper-containing peptide that is readily taken up by mitochondria in breast cancer stem cells, where it effectively induces apoptosis. The study also highlights the powerful therapeutic potential of the metallopeptides.
  • BigH1: The key histone for male fertility December 13, 2017
    Researchers have unraveled the role of the histone BigH1 in the development of male sex cells from stem cells. Their study, which was performed in Drosophila melanogaster, paves the way to a greater understanding of male infertility. Published in Cell Reports, the work sheds light on the mechanisms through which histones regulate how stem cells […]
  • Stem cells sense neighborhood density to make decisions on their behavior December 13, 2017
    Human skin is a remarkable organ serving as a barrier protecting us from pathogens, toxic substances and others. Our skin needs to constantly renew throughout our lifetime as well as change its size to perfectly fit and cover the body. To fulfill such a complex and dynamic behavior every cell within the skin has a […]
  • How diabetes in pregnancy affects baby's heart December 12, 2017
    Researchers have discovered how high glucose levels -- whether caused by diabetes or other factors -- keep heart cells from maturing normally. Their findings help explain why babies born to women with diabetes are more likely to develop congenital heart disease.
  • Drug suppresses spread of breast cancer caused by stem-like cells December 12, 2017
    Rare stem-like tumor cells play a critical role in the spread of breast cancer, but a vulnerability in the pathway that powers them offers a strategy to target these cells using existing drugs before metastatic disease occurs, report researchers.
  • Epigenetic orchestrator of pancreatic cancer cells December 11, 2017
    Genetech researchers have identified an enzyme that shifts pancreatic cancer cells to a more aggressive, drug-resistant state by epigenetically modifying the cells' chromatin. The study suggests that targeting this enzyme could make pancreatic cancer cells more vulnerable to existing therapies that currently have only limited effect against this deadly form of cancer.
  • Immunotherapy drug nearly eliminates severe acute graft-versus-host disease December 10, 2017
    Results from a phase 2 clinical trial, presented by Seattle Children's Research Institute at the 59th American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting, show that the drug Abatacept (Orencia) nearly eliminated life-threatening severe acute graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) in patients receiving hematopoietic stem cell transplants.