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  • Lab grown human colons change study of GI disease June 22, 2017
    Scientists used human pluripotent stem cells to generate human embryonic colons in a laboratory that function much like natural human tissues when transplanted into mice, according to new research. The study is believed to be the first time human colon organoids have been successfully tissue engineered in this manner, according to researchers who led the […]
  • Better use of current drugs to target cancer June 22, 2017
    Researchers worked backwards, employing a series of drugs used in the clinic to understand a new way that cancer stem cells can be killed.
  • Clear view on stem cell development June 21, 2017
    Today, tracking the development of individual cells and spotting the associated factors under the microscope is nothing unusual. However, impairments like shadows or changes in the background complicate the interpretation of data. Now, researchers have developed a software that corrects images to make hitherto hidden development steps visible.
  • Bitter or sweet? How taste cells decide what they want to be June 21, 2017
    A new study advances understanding of how stem cells on the tongue grow into the different types of mature taste cells that detect either sweet, salty, sour, bitter, or umami. By identifying novel genes and molecular pathways involved in shaping a taste cell's function, these findings may someday allow scientists to treat taste disorders, characterize […]
  • Grape-based compounds kill colon cancer stem cells in mice June 19, 2017
    Compounds from grapes may kill colon cancer stem cells both in a petri dish and in mice, according to a team of researchers.
  • Distant brain regions selectively recruit stem cells June 16, 2017
    Stem cells persist in the adult mammalian brain and generate new neurons throughout life. A research group reports that long-distance brain connections can target discrete pools of stem cells in their niche and stimulate them to divide and produce specific subtypes of olfactory bulb neurons. This allows the 'on-demand' generation of particular types of neurons […]
  • Cardiac stem cells from heart disease patients may be harmful June 15, 2017
    A new study finds that stem cell therapy may harm heart disease patients.
  • Minimizing the effects of radiation therapy June 14, 2017
    New research could make treatment for gastrointestinal cancers safer, outlines a new report.
  • Discovery of human blood cell destinies revises knowledge of immune cell development June 14, 2017
    Medical researchers have identified a human blood cell type that can only differentiate into monocytes, and is equivalent to mouse cells identified in earlier work. The cells can be recognized by their expression of particular membranous signaling proteins, and were shown to be part of a sequential differentiation process into monocytes. This alternative road map […]
  • inflammatory molecule essential to muscle regeneration in mice, researchers find June 12, 2017
    A molecule released as part of an inflammatory response after muscle injury or rigorous exercise activates muscle stem cells responsible for repairing the damage, according to a study.