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  • Small molecule plays big role in weaker bones as we age September 18, 2018
    With age, expression of a small molecule that can silence others goes way up while a key signaling molecule that helps stem cells make healthy bone goes down, scientists report.
  • New combination treatment targets pre-leukemia stem cells September 12, 2018
    Omacetaxine (to block protein synthesis) with venetoclax (to block oxidative phosphorylation), was highly effective against CD123+ leukemia stem cells.
  • Heart attack: Substitute muscle thanks to stem cells September 12, 2018
    Scientists have for the first time succeeded in generating beating cardiac muscle cells from special stem cells. They may provide a new approach for the treatment of heart attacks.
  • Regrowing dental tissue with stem cells from baby teeth September 11, 2018
    In a clinical trial stem cells extracted from children's baby teeth were used to regrow the living tissue in teeth damaged by injury. The promising findings highlight the potential of dental stem cells, which could one day be used in a wide range of dental procedures or even for treating certain systemic diseases.
  • Unexpected cell population key to blood cancer relapse September 10, 2018
    A study suggests that leukemia cells change in unique ways in response to chemotherapy allowing them to masquerade for a short time so they are able to start disease regeneration.
  • Osteoarthritis research effort works to understand cartilage development September 7, 2018
    For the first time, researchers have identified and characterized unique cell populations that form the superficial zone of human joint cartilage. The zone has the most critical role in cushioning the joint and is often partially or completely lost in arthritis.
  • Building a better brain-in-a-dish, faster and cheaper September 6, 2018
    Researchers report on the development of a new protocol for creating human cortical organoids -- mini-brains derived directly from primary cells that can be used to better explore and understand the real thing.
  • Properties of stem cells that determine cell fate identified September 6, 2018
    Researchers have identified intrinsic cell properties that influence the fate of neural stem cells, affecting what type of brain cell they will form: neurons, astrocytes, or oligodendrocytes. This discovery could give scientists a new way to predict or control the fate of stem cells, improving their use in transplantation therapies.
  • Family tree of blood production reveals hundreds of thousands of stem cells September 5, 2018
    Adult humans have ten times more blood-creating stem cells in their bone marrow than previously thought, ranging between 50,000 and 200,000 stem cells. Researchers developed a new approach for studying stem cells, based on methods used in ecology.
  • Body's own 'bomb squad' can help protect against brain tumors September 4, 2018
    Researchers have discovered how a molecule can help prevent certain types of brain tumors by recognizing and 'disarming' harmful proteins that cause them.