How Botox works

Botox is a purified protein that is expertly administered to relax the muscles that would usually cause the skin to bunch up…wrinkles. When these muscles relax the wrinkles soften. Over time the lines may soften even further. Call us now to find out more (309) 228-SKIN (7546)


$12.50 per unit of Botox helps get this treatment in your budget. The experts at DaVinci Med Spa know how to make every unit count and will work with you to help you get just the look you want without overdoing it. This low price combined with using only the amount you need, help make saying goodbye to wrinkles more affordable.


Our team has had years of experience providing Botox. At DaVinci Med Spa we have streamlined the process and make it more affordable. Contact us for a custom, private appointment. Conveniently located in The District of Rock Island.