The doctor and his assistant always take such time and care to do the best job possible. It's greatly appreciated.
Volbella Lip Filler Client
Both Holly and Dr Cummings have made me feel comfortable. I would recommend DaVinci Med to anyone seeking to remove unsightly and unwanted hair.
Very happy with the office and staff. Like the results of PRP for hair growth. Very pleased with the results.
I can't say enough about the professionalism and knowledge that I have received from Dr Cummings...I would highly recommend Dr Cummings and his staff to anyone that wants to be treated genuinely. 5 Stars ALL THE WAY!
Compassion, caring, & very professional all describe Dr. Cummings, foremost was his honesty.
Clean, beautiful facility. Dr. Cummings is very skilled and through. The micro needling procedure was great. My skin looks fantastic.
Kris H.
He's very through...you can trust his judgement...a very good doctor.
He (Dr Cummings) made you feels so comfortable. It was a joy to be treated by a doctor who cares.
Sheryl D.
The PRP injections were a virtually pain free procedure.
Teresa D.
Him and his staff are very friendly and caring.
Michael D.
Beautiful and comfortable waiting area. Skin feels alive and awake. Very calming.
...words can't express what Dr. Cummings did for me. Love you Dr. Cummings.
Cassandra T.
Dr Cummings provided me with a very relaxing therapy session. The attention to detail, attention to my comfort, and explanation of any questions that arose. Will definitely have me coming back and continuing with more
Mele Davis
Dr Cummings was very caring and through. I was impressed by the way he paid attention to detail...
McKenzie M.
Love coming to see Dr. Cummings, he is very professional, personable and keeps me looking great!
Tricia LeFante
Dr. Cummings is one of the most kind and compassionate doctors...I would recommend Dr Cummings to anyone
Dr. Cummings is by far and away the best doctor I have ever met and nothing I can say really does justice to the man. He is extremely intelligent, a compassion and caring person and a truly outstanding doctor. I count myself truly lucky to have found him.
Amber E.
Dr. Cummings did a great job with the injections and is a great doctor. I would send anyone to him!
Julie E.
Put me down as highly recommending him!
Timmy D.
Dr. Cummings has gone above and beyond in my treatment. His attention to detail and knowledge has played a huge roll
Dr. Cummings is the "best" the staff is great
Dr. Cummings and his staff were wonderful. My results were awesome! It was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep! Thanks for making me feel and look younger.
Dr. Cummings...keeps me looking great.
Dr Cummings provided me with a very relaxing therapy session...will definitely have me coming back and continuing with more therapy.
Beautiful and comfortable front waiting area. 99% pain free throughout entire procedure. Skin feels awake and alive.
I would recommend him and his staff they are friendly and caring.
Dr. Cummings is a wonderful doctor.
I would certainly refer others to this wonderful clinic
David C.