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  • Many pet owners keen to have vegan pets March 19, 2019
    A growing number of pet owners is interested in feeding their pets plant-based diets.
  • Healthy fats improve nerve function in obese mice March 18, 2019
    Swapping dietary saturated fats for monounsaturated fats reverses nerve damage and restores nerve function in male mice, finds new preclinical research. These data support further investigation of diets rich in healthy fats as a potential treatment for the nerve damage that occurs with diabetes, known as diabetic neuropathy.
  • ACC/AHA guidance for preventing heart disease, stroke released March 18, 2019
    Adopting a heart healthy eating plan, getting more exercise, avoiding tobacco and managing known risk factors are among the key recommendations in the 2019 Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease guideline from the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA). Also, it is recommended that aspirin should only rarely be used to […]
  • Diet-induced changes favor innovation in speech sounds March 14, 2019
    Diet-induced changes in the human bite resulted in new sounds such as 'f' in languages all over the world, a study by an international team led by researchers has shown. The findings contradict the theory that the range of human sounds has remained fixed throughout human history.
  • IQ a better predictor of adult economic success than math March 14, 2019
    IQ in childhood is a better indicator of adult wealth than math for very preterm and very low-weight babies, according to a new study.
  • Alzheimer's-like symptoms reversed in mice March 6, 2019
    A diet containing compounds found in green tea and carrots reversed Alzheimer's-like symptoms in mice genetically programmed to develop the disease.
  • Daily intake of nutritional supplements cannot prevent depression March 6, 2019
    The largest randomized clinical trial to study the effects of nutritional strategies on the prevention of major depressive disorder concludes that daily intake of nutritional supplements cannot prevent depression.
  • Want a healthy heart? Turn off the TV and eat a good breakfast March 6, 2019
    The small lifestyle choices we make each day add up when it comes to heart health. In a new two-pronged study, people who spent less time watching TV and regularly ate an energy-rich breakfast showed significantly less plaque and stiffness in their arteries, indicating a lower chance of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke.
  • Gaining a little weight after quitting tobacco is offset by the benefits for people with diabetes March 5, 2019
    People with diabetes who quit smoking tobacco may have a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and other cardiovascular diseases -- and weight gain following smoking cessation does not mitigate the health benefits among these patients, according to one study. Long-term, heavy smoking is a risk factor for cognitive decline, researchers found in an unrelated […]
  • Soda, sugar-sweetened beverages linked to more severe symptoms for people with multiple sclerosis March 5, 2019
    For people with multiple sclerosis (MS), drinking around 290 calories per day of soda or other sugar-sweetened beverages, or the equivalent of about two cans of non-diet soda, may be tied to more severe symptoms and a higher level of disability compared to people with MS who seldom consume sugar-sweetened beverages, according to a preliminary […]