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  • Stark social inequalities in children's body mass index (BMI) May 24, 2019
    Researchers have found that socioeconomic inequalities in children's body mass index (BMI) emerge during the preschool years and widen across childhood and into early adolescence. By analyzing data on height and weight (BMI) they found that lower maternal education was associated with faster gains in child body weight but lower height growth leading to a […]
  • Eating healthily at work matters May 22, 2019
    A new study has demonstrated that employees at a large urban hospital who purchased the least healthy food in its cafeteria were more likely to have an unhealthy diet outside of work, be overweight and/or obese, and have risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, compared to employees who made healthier purchases.
  • Weight gain and loss may worsen dementia risk in older people May 20, 2019
    Older people who experience significant weight gain or weight loss could be raising their risk of developing dementia, suggests a study from Korea.
  • New drug could help treat neonatal seizures May 15, 2019
    A new drug that inhibits neonatal seizures in rodent models could open up new avenues for the treatment of epilepsy in human newborns.
  • Older adults expect to lose brain power, but most don't ask doctors how to prevent dementia May 15, 2019
    Many Americans in their 50s and early 60s are worried about declining brain health, especially if they have loved ones with memory loss and dementia, a new national poll finds. But while the majority of those polled say they take supplements or do puzzles in an effort to stave off brain decline, very few of […]
  • When does clean eating become an unhealthy obsession? May 14, 2019
    Researchers say those who have a history of an eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive traits, dieting, poor body image, and a drive for thinness are more likely to develop a pathological obsession with healthy eating or consuming only healthy food, known as orthorexia nervosa (ON). Although eating healthy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, for […]
  • Obesity: The key role of a brain protein revealed May 13, 2019
    Regardless of how much you exercise or how balanced your diet is, controlling your weight is more brain-related than you might have thought. Researchers show for the first time in mice that the acyl-CoA-binding protein, or ACBP, has a direct influence on the neurons that allow rodents and humans to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Role of psychological distress and emotional eating in obesity May 8, 2019
    New research has found that people on lower incomes may be more likely to have obesity due to psychological distress that gives rise to emotional eating to cope.
  • Train your brain with computer game to eat less sugar May 7, 2019
    A recent study shows that a computer game can be used to train its players to eat less sugar, as way of reducing their weight and improving their health.
  • Fat fruit flies: High-sugar diet deadens sweet tooth; promotes overeating, obesity in flies May 7, 2019
    Some research suggests that one reason people with obesity overeat is because they don't enjoy food -- especially sweets -- as much as lean people.