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  • Lifting weights makes your nervous system stronger, too June 29, 2020
    Gym-goers may get frustrated when they don't see results from weightlifting right away, but their efforts are not in vain: the first few weeks of training strengthen the nervous system, not muscles.
  • Intelligence is impacted if born small for gestational age June 15, 2020
    People born small for gestational age (SGA) have a lower IQ throughout development, however the differences in IQ to those born appropriate for gestational age (AGA) reduce by adulthood. The effects of SGA on IQ are nearly as large as being born into lower socio-economic status or receiving poor parenting in infancy.
  • Vegetarians tend to be slimmer and less extroverted than meat eaters, study finds June 15, 2020
    The less animal products someone consumes, the lower his body mass index on average and the less he tends to be extroverted. A connection with depressive moods as other studies had found could not be confirmed.
  • Engaging in family meals starts with healthy family communication June 8, 2020
    Engaging in family meals may be a matter of improving communication and support at home. A new study connects less family discouragement and better family communication with a higher likelihood to eat evening family meals and family breakfasts together, and not in front of a television.
  • COVID-19 lockdowns worsen childhood obesity, study finds June 3, 2020
    Lockdowns implemented across the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic have negatively impacted diet, sleep and physical activity among children with obesity, according to new research.
  • Vision loss influences perception of sound June 3, 2020
    People with severe vision loss can less accurately judge the distance of nearby sounds, potentially putting them more at risk of injury.
  • Children may not always grow out of being picky eaters May 26, 2020
    By age four, children could be established picky eaters, a new study suggests. And the more parents try to control and restrict children's diets, the more finicky they may become, according to new research.
  • Scientists identify gene linked to thinness that may help resist weight gain May 21, 2020
    Researchers used a genetic database of more than 47,000 people in Estonia to identify a gene linked to thinness that may play a role in resisting weight gain in metabolically healthy thin people. They show that knocking out this gene results in thinner flies and mice and find that expression of it in the brain […]
  • Inspiring stories from women like themselves helped these moms improve their diet May 20, 2020
    When researchers asked prospective study participants who they would like to see in videos promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors, the answer was unequivocal: They wanted to see themselves -- that is, other mothers living in low-income households who were overweight or obese. The researchers obliged. And the intervention they designed produced the desired results when it […]
  • Our ability to focus may falter after eating one meal high in saturated fat May 12, 2020
    Fatty food may feel like a friend during these troubled times, but new research suggests that eating just one meal high in saturated fat can hinder our ability to concentrate -- not great news for people whose diets have gone south while they're working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.