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  • Why do some neurons degenerate and die in Alzheimer's disease, but not others? May 6, 2021
    Researchers have uncovered molecular clues that help explain what makes some neurons more susceptible than others in Alzheimer's disease. The scientists present evidence that neurons with high levels of the protein apolipoprotein E (apoE) are more sensitive to degeneration, and that this susceptibility is linked to apoE's regulation of immune-response molecules within neurons.
  • Feeling younger buffers older adults from stress, protects against health decline May 6, 2021
    People who feel younger have a greater sense of well-being, better cognitive functioning, less inflammation, lower risk of hospitalization and even live longer than their older-feeling peers. A study suggests one potential reason for the link between subjective age and health: Feeling younger could help buffer middle-aged and older adults against the damaging effects of […]
  • COVID-19 vaccine delivery by age may mitigate deaths and severe health impacts May 6, 2021
    Strategic vaccine delivery is critical to reducing COVID-19 transmission, mortality and long-term health impacts. A new study suggests that prioritizing vaccine delivery to older age groups and the medically vulnerable has the greatest impact in minimizing loss of life.
  • Alzheimer's study: A Mediterranean diet might protect against memory loss and dementia May 6, 2021
    Alzheimer's disease is caused by protein deposits in the brain and the rapid loss of brain matter. But a Mediterranean diet rich in fish, vegetables and olive oil might protect the brain from these disease triggers.
  • New MRI technique can detect early dysfunction of the blood-brain barrier with small vessel disease May 5, 2021
    Collaborative research between the University of Kentucky (UK) and University of Southern California (USC) suggests that a noninvasive neuroimaging technique may index early-stage blood-brain barrier (BBB) dysfunction associated with small vessel disease (SVD).
  • Changes in proteins play important role in aging kidneys May 4, 2021
    Studying protein changes in the kidneys as we age, as well as the transcription of genes into proteins, helps provide a full picture of the age-related processes that take place in these organs.
  • People with familial longevity show better cognitive aging May 4, 2021
    If you come from a family where people routinely live well into old age, you will likely have better cognitive function (the ability to clearly think, learn and remember) than peers from families where people die younger.
  • Ultra-high field MRI detects differences in brain's 'hippocampus' April 29, 2021
    Using ultra-high field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to map the brains of people with Down syndrome (DS), researchers detected subtle differences in the structure and function of the hippocampus -- a region of the brain tied to memory and learning.
  • Driving behaviors harbor early signals of dementia April 28, 2021
    Using naturalistic driving data and machine learning techniques, researchers have developed highly accurate algorithms for detecting mild cognitive impairment and dementia in older drivers. Naturalistic driving data refer to data captured through in-vehicle recording devices or other technologies in the real-world setting. These data could be processed to measure driving exposure, space and performance in […]
  • Draining brain's debris enhances Alzheimer's therapies in mice April 28, 2021
    Researchers have found that improving the function of the brain's drainage network, known as the meningeal lymphatics, can make certain experimental Alzheimer's therapies more effective in mice.