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  • Hormone helps prevent muscle loss in mice on high fat diets February 23, 2021
    A new study suggests that a hormone known to prevent weight gain and normalize metabolism can also help maintain healthy muscles in mice. The findings present new possibilities for treating muscle-wasting conditions associated with age, obesity or cancer, according to scientists.
  • Discovery of biomarker could help predict Alzheimer's years before symptoms emerge February 18, 2021
    A unique brain protein measured in the blood could be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease decades before symptoms develop, according to new Edith Cowan University (ECU) research.
  • Gut microbiome implicated in healthy aging and longevity February 18, 2021
    The gut microbiome is an integral component of the body, but its importance in the human aging process is unclear. Researchers have identified distinct signatures in the gut microbiome that are associated with either healthy or unhealthy aging trajectories, which in turn predict survival in a population of older individuals.
  • Light and genetic probes untangle dynamics of brain blood flow February 18, 2021
    New research on tiny capillaries and cells called pericytes details how blood moves through over 400 miles of total vasculature in the human brain.
  • Mentally ill kids become less healthy adults February 17, 2021
    A new pair of studies make the case that early-life mental health problems can lead to physical diseases and advanced aging in adulthood. But because mental health conditions can appear early in life, the researchers say that investment in prompt mental health care could be used to prevent later diseases and reduce healthcare costs.
  • Genetic study of Lewy body dementia supports ties to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases February 16, 2021
    Scientists found that five genes may play a critical role in determining whether a person will suffer from Lewy body dementia, a devastating disorder that riddles the brain with clumps of abnormal protein deposits called Lewy bodies. The results also supported the disorder's ties to Parkinson's and Alzheimer diseases.
  • Differences in walking patterns could predict type of cognitive decline in older adults February 16, 2021
    Researchers are studying how different patterns in the way older adults walk could more accurately diagnose different types of dementia and identify Alzheimer's disease.
  • Unlocking the mystery behind skeletal aging February 16, 2021
    Researchers have identified the role a critical enzyme plays in skeletal aging and bone loss, putting them one step closer to understanding the complex biological mechanisms that lead to osteoporosis, the bone disease that afflicts some 200 million people worldwide. Findings could hold an important key to developing more effective treatments for osteoporosis and improving […]
  • Brief survey tool tracks symptoms, aids in evaluating effectiveness of treatment February 16, 2021
    Researchers have developed and validated, SymTrak-8, a short questionnaire to help patients report symptoms and assist healthcare providers in assessing the severity of symptoms, and in monitoring and adjusting treatment accordingly.
  • A machine-learning approach to finding treatment options for COVID-19 February 15, 2021
    Researchers have developed a machine-learning approach to identify drugs that could be repurposed to fight COVID-19. The advance could boost clinical trial efforts, and it could be adapted to a broader range of diseases.