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  • Consuming extra calories can help exercising women avoid menstrual disorders March 31, 2020
    Exercising women who struggle to consume enough calories and have menstrual disorders can simply increase their food intake to recover their menstrual cycle, according to a new study.
  • How we perceive close relationships with others determines our willingness to share food March 30, 2020
    Researchers said a better understanding of the links between attachment and food could potentially help inform efforts to extend help to people during the current coronavirus pandemic -- particularly among people with high attachment avoidance.
  • Longer lives not dependent on increased energy use March 26, 2020
    Growing consumption of energy and fossil fuels over four decades did not play a significant role in increasing life expectancy across 70 countries. New research has quantified the importance of different development factors to improvements in physical health on an international scale.
  • Too much salt weakens the immune system March 25, 2020
    A high-salt diet is not only bad for one's blood pressure, but also for the immune system. Mice fed a high-salt diet were found to suffer from much more severe bacterial infections. Human volunteers who consumed additional six grams of salt per day also showed pronounced immune deficiencies. This amount corresponds to the salt content […]
  • Diet, nutrition have profound effects on gut microbiome March 25, 2020
    A new literature review suggests that nutrition and diet have a profound impact on the microbial composition of the gut.
  • Higher daily step count linked with lower all-cause mortality March 25, 2020
    In a new study, higher daily step counts were associated with lower mortality risk from all causes.
  • Extract from seeds of the Melinjo tree may improve obesity and diabetes March 23, 2020
    In Southeast Asia, the fruit, flowers, and leaves of Indonesia's 'Melinjo' tree are traditional foods. Researchers who study plants from around the world for useful medicinal properties have found that Melinjo seed extract (MSE) stimulates the production of adiponectin, a beneficial hormone that improves obesity and diabetes. They also discovered that individual genotype differences were […]
  • Isoflavones, in tofu and plant proteins, associated with lower heart disease risk March 23, 2020
    People who regularly ate tofu and other foods containing isoflavones had a moderately lower risk of developing heart disease. However, people who eat isoflavones and adhere to a healthier diet in general are already considerably less likely to die from a heart attack compared to those who did not.
  • Removing belly fat before it sticks to you March 19, 2020
    Researchers are producing in the lab a human protein tasked with removing triglycerides from the blood stream. Unlocking the secrets of human protein APOA 5 gives us a leg up in treating heart disease.
  • Too much sugar leads to early death, but not due to obesity March 19, 2020
    Sugar-rich diets have a negative impact on health independent of obesity. Researchers discovered that the shortened survival of fruit flies fed a sugar-rich diet is not the result of their diabetic-like metabolic issues. The findings instead suggest that early death from excess sugar is related to the build-up of a natural waste product, uric acid.