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  • Gut microbes: a key to normal sleep November 30, 2020
    Researchers used a cocktail of antibiotics to deplete gut microbes in mice. They found that metabolites in the gut differed in these mice compared with controls. In particular, metabolic pathways involved in making important neurotransmitters like serotonin were affected. Additionally, these mice showed abnormal day-night distribution in sleep/wake patterns, particularly the amount of REM sleep, […]
  • Obesity is not only the individual's responsibility November 25, 2020
    Analysis of survey results has revealed that in women, obesity is linked to various social and economic factors. In addition, this study is the first in Japan to illuminate the connection between abuse during childhood and obesity in adulthood. These results highlight the importance of taking these factors into account when implementing policies to tackle […]
  • Gut hormones' regulation of fat production abnormal in obesity, fatty liver disease November 25, 2020
    Gut hormones play an important role in regulating fat production in the body. One key hormone, released a few hours after eating, turns off fat production by regulating gene expression in the liver, but this regulation is abnormal in obesity, researchers found in a new study.
  • Eating dried fruit may be linked with better diet quality and health markers November 24, 2020
    New research found that people who ate dried fruit were generally healthier than those who did not, and on days when people ate dried fruit they consumed greater amounts of some key nutrients than on days when they skipped. However, they also found that people consumed more total calories on days when they ate dried […]
  • Sestrin makes fruit flies live longer November 24, 2020
    Researchers identify positive effector behind reduced food intake.
  • Hormone found to switch off hunger could help tackle obesity November 24, 2020
    A hormone that can suppress food intake and increase the feeling of fullness in mice has shown similar results in humans and non-human primates, says a new study.
  • Antimicrobial soap additive worsens fatty liver disease in mice November 24, 2020
    Triclosan, an antimicrobial found in many soaps and other household items, worsens fatty liver disease in mice fed a high-fat diet.
  • Popular weight-loss surgery in teenagers weakens bones November 24, 2020
    A common weight loss surgery for adolescents with obesity called sleeve gastrectomy has harmful effects on bones, according to a new study.
  • Vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians may be at higher risk of bone fractures November 23, 2020
    Compared with people who ate meat, vegans with lower calcium and protein intakes on average, had a 43 percent higher risk of fractures anywhere in the body (total fractures), as well as higher risks of site-specific fractures of the hips, legs and vertebrae, according to a new study.
  • Age is no barrier to successful weight loss November 20, 2020
    Obese patients over the age of 60 can lose an equivalent amount of weight as younger people using only lifestyle changes, according to a new study that demonstrates that age is no barrier to losing weight.