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  • Electric tech could help reverse baldness September 19, 2019
    Reversing baldness could someday be as easy as wearing a hat, thanks to a noninvasive, low-cost hair-growth-stimulating technology.
  • Suntanner, heal thyself: Exosome therapy may enable better repair of sun, age-damaged skin September 19, 2019
    In a proof-of-concept study, researchers have shown that exosomes harvested from human skin cells are more effective at repairing sun-damaged skin cells in mice than popular retinol or stem cell-based treatments currently in use. Additionally, the nanometer-sized exosomes can be delivered to the target cells via needle-free injections.
  • Tailored 'cell sheets' to improve post-operative wound closing and healing September 18, 2019
    Scientists have designed a new method for post-operative wound closing and healing that is both fast and effective. This strategy revolves around engineered 'cell sheets' -- or layers of skin-based cells. The procedure culminates in a wound dressing that is custom made for a specific cut or lesion that can be used to effectively treat […]
  • Needle-free flu vaccine patch effective in early study September 18, 2019
    A new needle-free flu vaccine patch revved up the immune system much like a traditional flu shot without any negative side effects. The research represents an important step toward a technology that could replace needle-based vaccination methods that are difficult to deploy in developing countries.
  • Psoriasis drug target offers potential for osteosarcoma September 18, 2019
    A treatment for psoriasis could be repurposed to treat a rare but aggressive form of youth cancer, new findings suggest.