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  • Skin and immune cells coordinate defenses against assault May 6, 2021
    As the human body's largest organ, the skin is responsible for protecting against a wide range of possible infections on all fleshy surfaces, from head to toe. So how exactly does the skin organize its defenses against such an array of threats?
  • Microneedles are promising devices for painless drug delivery with minimal side effects May 5, 2021
    A recent study monitors progress in the development of microneedles for immunotherapy and discusses the challenges regarding their production. Researchers suggest using microneedles for immunotherapy due to the abundance of immune cells under the skin. The aim is to vaccinate or treat different diseases, such as cancer and autoimmune disorders, with minimal invasiveness and side […]
  • Preclinical discovery triggers wound healing, skin regeneration April 28, 2021
    Difficult-to-treat, chronic wounds in preclinical models healed with normal scar-free skin after treatment with an acellular product. Derived from platelets, the purified exosomal product, known as PEP, was used to deliver healing messages into cells of preclinical animal models of ischemic wounds. The research team documented restoration of skin integrity, hair follicles, sweat glands, skin […]
  • Scientists reveal how brain cells in Alzheimer's go awry, lose their identity April 27, 2021
    Despite the prevalence of Alzheimer's, there are still no treatments, in part because it has been challenging to study how the disease develops. Now, scientists have uncovered new insights into what goes awry during Alzheimer's by growing neurons that resemble -- more accurately than ever before -- brain cells in older patients. And like patients […]
  • Skin and bones repaired by bioprinting during surgery April 27, 2021
    Fixing traumatic injuries to the skin and bones of the face and skull is difficult because of the many layers of different types of tissues involved, but now, researchers have repaired such defects in a rat model using bioprinting during surgery, and their work may lead to faster and better methods of healing skin and […]