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  • How moles change into melanoma November 23, 2021
    Melanoma researchers published a study that gives a new explanation of what causes moles to change into melanoma. These findings pave the way for more research into how to reduce the risk of melanoma, delay development, and detect melanoma early.
  • Suffering from psoriasis? Blame this trio of proteins November 19, 2021
    About 7.5 million Americans suffer from psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that shows up as patches of red, inflamed skin and painful, scaly rashes. Although there are effective treatments for psoriasis, not everyone responds to these therapies -- and for many, the relief is temporary. Scientists have discovered how a key protein called TWEAK damages skin […]
  • New imaging technology may reduce need for skin biopsies November 19, 2021
    A new 'virtual histology' technology shows promise by analyzing images of suspicious-looking lesions and quickly producing a detailed, microscopic image of the skin, bypassing several standard steps typically used for diagnosis -- including skin biopsy, tissue fixation, processing, sectioning and histochemical staining.
  • Data available for training AI to spot skin cancer are insufficient and lacking in pictures of darker skin November 10, 2021
    The images and accompanying data available for training artificial intelligence (AI) to spot skin cancer are insufficient and include very few images of darker skin, according to new research.
  • Critical role of mechanosensor in skin wound healing November 9, 2021
    PIEZO1, an ion channel mechanosensor found within cells, has been revealed to play a key role in regulating the speed of skin wound healing.