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  • Illuminating tissue formation August 4, 2021
    Researchers have developed a molecule that fluoresces where new tissue is forming in the body. Alongside helping to detect tumors, the molecule could play a significant role in research of wound healing disorders.
  • Source of DNA mutations in melanoma July 30, 2021
    The mutations that give rise to melanoma result from a chemical conversion in DNA fueled by sunlight -- not just a DNA copying error as previously believed, reports a new study. The findings upend long-held beliefs about the mechanisms underlying the disease, reinforce the importance of prevention efforts and offer a path forward for investigating […]
  • Scientists uncover how a molecule improves appearance of surgery scars July 20, 2021
    In a new study, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC scientists discovered that the alphaCT1 molecule may help repair the skin's collagen matrix by altering how scar-forming cells behave. The findings were published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal.
  • A new, inexpensive way to heal chronic wounds July 19, 2021
    Scientists are developing a low-cost, practical biopolymer dressing that helps heal chronic wounds.
  • More complex than we thought: The body's reaction to contact allergens July 13, 2021
    Many people react to contact allergens, but some patients develop rashes and itching much faster than others. Previously the scientists were unable to explain why, but now researchers have outlined an entire new subgroup of allergic reactions which explains these early skin reactions. The new knowledge is vital to understanding the disease mechanisms in contact […]