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  • Researchers uncover the unique way stem cells protect their chromosome ends November 25, 2020
    Telomeres are specialized structures at the end of chromosomes which protect our DNA and ensure healthy division of cells. According to a new study, the mechanisms of telomere protection are surprisingly unique in stem cells.
  • Cutting edge technology to bioprint mini-kidneys November 25, 2020
    Researchers have used cutting edge technology to bioprint miniature human kidneys in the lab, paving the way for new treatments for kidney failure and possibly lab-grown transplants.
  • World's first: Drug guides stem cells to desired location, improving their ability to heal November 24, 2020
    Scientists have created a drug that can lure stem cells to damaged tissue and improve treatment efficacy -- a scientific first and major advance for the field of regenerative medicine.
  • Boosting stem cell activity can enhance immunotherapy benefits November 23, 2020
    Immune-system T cells have been reprogrammed into regenerative stem cell-like memory (TSCM) cells that are long-lived, highly active 'super immune cells' with strong antitumor activity, according to new research.
  • Stem cell transplantation: Undesirable rejection mechanism identified November 19, 2020
    In the treatment of leukemia, stem cell transplantation subsequent to chemotherapy and radiation can often engender severe adverse inflammatory reactions - especially in the skin or in the gut, since these so-called barrier organs are more frequently affected. Up until now, the reason for this was unclear. A team of researchers has now identified an […]
  • Unraveling a mystery surrounding embryonic cells November 18, 2020
    Last year, researchers identified the early origins of neural crest cells -- embryonic cells in vertebrates that travel throughout the body and generate many cell types -- in chick embryos. Now the researchers have used a human model to figure out when neural crest cells acquire distinctive molecular and functional attributes.
  • Study reveals how smoking worsens COVID-19 infection in the airways November 17, 2020
    Researchers using a model of airway tissue created from human stem cells have pinpointed how smoking cigarettes causes more severe infection by SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in the airways of the lungs.
  • Repetitive elements trigger RIG-I-like receptors to enhance hematopoietic stem cell formation November 16, 2020
    Hematopoietic stem cells can replenish all the different cell types of our blood system. For this reason, hematopoietic stem cells are the cells used in many blood diseases when patients need transplantations. Thus, our ability to generate, amplify and maintain these cells is important for human health.
  • The natural artistry of disease: A wintry landscape in the eye November 9, 2020
    Researchers report a case of frosted branch angiitis in a woman presenting years after being treated for leukemia-lymphoma with allogeneic human stem cell transplant. The relevance of this ocular finding is discussed and its value as an early warning sign of immune activation following therapeutic immunological interventions is highlighted.
  • 'Monster tumors' could offer new glimpse at human development November 4, 2020
    Finding just the right model to study human development -- from the early embryonic stage onward -- has been a challenge for scientists over the last decade. Now, bioengineers have homed in on an unusual candidate: teratomas.