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  • A simpler way to make sensory hearing cells July 1, 2020
    Scientists are whispering the secrets of a simpler way to generate the sensory cells of the inner ear. Their approach uses direct reprogramming to produce sensory cells known as 'hair cells,' due to their hair-like protrusions that sense sound waves.
  • COVID-19: Study shows virus can infect heart cells in lab dish June 30, 2020
    A new study shows that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 (coronavirus), can infect heart cells in a lab dish, indicating it may be possible for heart cells in COVID-19 patients to be directly infected by the virus.
  • Nanoparticle for overcoming leukemia treatment resistance June 18, 2020
    One of the largest problems with cancer treatment is the development of resistance to anticancer therapies. A research team found that repurposing a commonly used chemotherapy drug using a nanoparticle was more effective than both a solution of the pure drug and other available treatments.
  • Primitive stem cells point to new bone grafts for stubborn-to-heal fractures June 16, 2020
    Although most broken bones can be mended with a firm cast and a generous measure of tender loving care, more complicated fractures require treatments like bone grafting. Researchers have now created superior bone grafts using primitive stem cells. They found that these cells help create very fertile scaffolds needed for bone to regenerate at the […]
  • Researchers uncover drivers of healthy gut maintenance June 15, 2020
    Researchers have found two genes that regulate the differentiation of stem cells in the small intestine, offering valuable insight into how the body develops and maintains a healthy gut.
  • Putting 'super' in natural killer cells June 11, 2020
    Using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and deleting a key gene, researchers have created natural killer cells -- a type of immune cell -- with measurably stronger activity against a form of leukemia, both in vivo and in vitro.
  • Adult stem cell study shows fish oil may help with depression June 11, 2020
    A new study shows that patient-derived adult stem cells can be used to model major depressive disorder and test how a patient may respond to medication and that fish oil, when tested in the model, created an antidepressant response.
  • Researchers model human stem cells to identify degeneration in glaucoma June 11, 2020
    More than 3 million Americans have glaucoma, a serious eye condition causing vision loss. Using human stem cell models, researchers found they could analyze deficits within cells damaged by glaucoma, with the potential to use this information to develop new strategies to slow the disease process.
  • Potential treatment for Rett Syndrome June 10, 2020
    An experimental cancer drug can extend the life of mice with Rett Syndrome, a devastating genetic disorder that afflicts about one of every 10,000 to 15,000 girls within 6 to 18 months after birth.
  • Cord blood for stem cell transplant may outperform matched sibling donor June 5, 2020
    Study based on a decade of research and treatment shows no difference in overall survival between cord blood and matched related donor as source for stem cell transplant, with reduced graft-versus-host disease in patients using cord blood.