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  • Cancer stem cells get energy from protein, and it's proving to be their Achilles' heel November 12, 2018
    A new study shows that cancer stem cells switch from metabolizing sugar to metabolizing protein. Clinical trial based on this observation may revolutionize care for older adults with acute myeloid leukemia.
  • Watch a 3D-engineered human heart tissue beat November 8, 2018
    Researchers have developed a way to grow human heart tissue that can serve as a model for the upper chambers of the heart, known as the atria. The tissue, derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPCSs), beats, expresses genes, and responds to drugs in a manner similar to a real human atrium. The model […]
  • Advance stem cell therapy with biodegradable scaffold November 5, 2018
    Scientists have created a tiny, biodegradable scaffold to transplant stem cells and deliver drugs, which may help treat Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, aging brain degeneration, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Stem cell transplantation, which shows promise as a treatment for central nervous system diseases, has been hampered by low cell survival rates, incomplete […]
  • How invading jumping genes are thwarted November 1, 2018
    Almost half of our DNA is made up of jumping genes, moving around the genome in developing sperm and egg cells. They trigger DNA damage, mutations, sterility or death. Organisms have survived these invasions, but little is known about where this adaptability comes from. Now, researchers have discovered that reproductive stem cells boost production of […]
  • Twenty years on, measuring the impact of human stem cells November 1, 2018
    A new paper describes the global scope and economic impact of stem cell science, including the clinical, industrial and research use of the cells.
  • The protein Matrin-3 determines the fate of neural stem cells in brain development November 1, 2018
    A Japanese research group has discovered a new neurogenic mechanism responsible for brain development. By applying proprietary technology for detecting trace proteins, they found that a novel protein, Matrin-3, is responsible for determining the fate of neural stem cells.
  • Dangerous blood pressure caused by specific signalling in the brain November 1, 2018
    Scientists have found that high blood pressure caused by specific signalling from the brain promotes heart disease by altering stem cells with the bone marrow. The results demonstrate how an overactive sympathetic nervous system that causes elevated blood pressure can instruct bone marrow stem cells to produce more white blood cells that clog up blood […]
  • Unique type of skeletal stem cells found in 'resting zone' are actually hard at work October 31, 2018
    Skeletal stem cells are valuable because it's thought they can heal many types of bone injury, but they're difficult to find because researchers don't know exactly what they look like or where they live.
  • Two-cells-in-one combo therapy could bolster leukemia treatment October 31, 2018
    A cancer therapy based on fusing two types of cells into a single unit shows promise in strengthening existing treatments for acute myeloid leukemia. The approach joins blood platelets that carry cancer drugs with stem cells that guide the platelets into bone marrow where leukemia begins.
  • Biologists use 'mini retinas' to better understand connection between eye and brain October 25, 2018
    Biologists are growing 'mini retinas' in the lab from stem cells to mimic the growth of the human retina. The researchers hope to restore sight when critical connections between the eye and the brain are damaged. These models also allow researchers to better understand how cells in the retina develop and are organized.