Venus Versa Intensed Pulsed Light

Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL) is sometimes called an IPL Laser. Light filters and variations in wavelength are used to achieve the exact desired depth of treatment.

The ultra short pulse duration of the Venus Versa IPL allows targeted treatment of the problem spot and minimizes any effect on the surrounding tissue, providing a comfortable experience.

The energy cycle of the Versa is at peak effectiveness in milliseconds, is maintained for the appropriate duration and shuts off at precisely the right moment. This advanced power curve eliminates any wasted energy providing a more effective and advantageous ministration.


Superior IPL Technology

Unwanted hair is no match for the Venus Versa IPL. Safe and effective for all skin types, the IPL eliminates hair at the root target. The treatment courses down the shaft elimination the growth at the root. The advanced cooling, precision energy delivery and large footprint make permanent hair removal with the Venus Versa comfortable and efficient.

Whether it’s spider veins or brown spots you want gone, Venus Versa at DaVinci Med Spa can help.

Venus Versa harnesses this intense pulse of light energy to degrade age spots and remove spider veins leaving the skin clear and blemish free.