Obesity Management

Dr Cummings recently attended an education meeting on the “Complexity of Obesity and Steps for Effective Management” Bernie Ranchero, MD from Sarah Bush Lincoln Medical Center gave a comprehensive review of the physiologic pathways responsible for obesity with an emphasis on Glucagon Like Peptide- 1 (GLP-1). This is a gut hormone that is released by the body in response to a meal. It inhibits the liver’s release of glucagon, enhances the body’s release of insulin and suppresses the appetite. GLP-1 helps stabilize sugar levels in the blood and can help with weight loss in certain patients. 

Cortisone (triamcinolone) shots in arthritic knees or PRP

According to a recently published research paper by Timothy E. McAlindon, DM, MPH, et al, “Among patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis, intra-articular triamcinolone, compared with intra-articular saline, increased cartilage volume loss and had no effect on knee pain over 2 years.” This report was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association in May of 2017. 140 patients with symptomatic arthritis were entered into the study. Half got a cortisone shot every 3 months while the other half got saline (placebo) shots in their knee. Those that got cortisone shots resulted in significantly greater cartilage volume loss than did saline patients. In other words they lost cartilage with steroid shots and did no better as far as pain.

Dr AJ Cummings has been using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) instead of cortisone shots on his patients for years now. 

Pain Treatment

Dr Cummings attends an educational dinner where pain management is discussed. Dr Anne Christopher presented an overview of treatment options. Specifically the medication Nucynta was discussed. It treats both chronic pain and neuropathic pain. 

Illinois State Medical Society

Dr A.J. Cummings attends the 2017 Illinois State Medical Society annual House of Delegates Meeting. Here he participated in educational and social events as well as developing health care policy for the State of Illinois.

Teaching medical students from the University of Illinois

Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP

Regenerative Medicine is a new frontier in health care. Dr A.J. Cummings is at the forefront in this field having lectured regionally on the topic and applying treatments on a regular basis. Here is is teaching a medical student on how platelet rich plasma (PRP) can be used in both orthopedics and cosmetics.

The best injections

Dr Cummings providing another shoulder injection to treat bursitis. People are thrilled with how comfortable it was and they get immediate relief.

Cosmetic Medicine Conference in Chicago

Dr Cummings and staff attended a conference in Chicago this weekend to review the latest trends in aesthetic medicine. Combination treatments using radio frequency for skin tightening along with muscle relaxants (Botox®) and dermal fillers were emphasized. dr-aj-cummings-alex-cummings-cosmetic-medicine-conference-nov-2016-small

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